In our old Minnesota farmhouse, we have one window in our upstairs bathroom that is quite magical!  Every Winter when the temperatures drop down into the single digits and below, God causes a new, remarkable frost creation to appear on that window that is quite remarkable!  Growing like a plant, a tree or ocean coral, it appears in amazing detail and glory sometime in the early morning and usually melts off by late morning or the afternoon. Sometimes they are flame orange with the rising sun shining through them. Sometimes the sun gives them a pink or yellow hue. Other times they are a cool blue from the grey skies and snow on the ground.  Some have even come out copper looking with the street light shining through them at night.  All are unique and amazing For years, I simply hated the cold all Winter.  But then I started noticing these "Wonders on My Window" and began to photograph them. Now a few other windows are starting to make a few of their own unique frost creations as well.  After years of photographing these amazing creations and having many friends ask if I was going to put them in a book or sell them as prints, I've decided to make them available as prints.  Printing a book is spendy,  but if you would like a book of them, just email me and let me know your interest.  Picture books would probably cost about $45.00 each and I will have some made if there's enough demand.  If you would like to order larger quantities of prints, contact me and we can sort it out.

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